Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The color shorts

Sorry about my one picture but I've been busy! Any who I want on my first blog meet up and I loved it The girls: Sara (who planned it all),Cat,Lauren and of course my sister Tiff . I had so much fun with these girls I didn't want the day to end. Lauren is soo funny she keep me laugh every 5 seconds, Cat is soo cute and quiet, Sara is soo bubbly I love it. It was nice getting to know other cool Michigan bloggers. I hope to meet more! 
Anywho about the shorts I wore yesterday to run some errands for my mom. I got some look now (laughing) I went to visit my aunt they all ask to borrow it. I almost didn't get these shorts but Sara ( sara to the recuse haha) talk me into getting them I love them and the purse is new too. I got some awesome stuff a good outfit post is coming soon,man  


  1. oh how fun!! i love the ornage color and yeah lets be penpals then!
    sorry for the late response as you can imagine im busy now all day long !! but soon it will get better and ill start posting outfit photos soon , i hope hahh

  2. I love the bright colors in your skirt and that bag is super cute!

  3. Hi Britty! What a gorgeous color! I love the print! Your purse is really chic too! xxoxoo

  4. DUDE those were shorts? I thought it was a skirt!!! They are sooo much better now!!! I love the pattern! And thank goodness you found me funny not just weird, haha!

    Sparrow & Urchin