Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2011

I was on checking out spring 2011… ( Basically what I was doing when I was sick. Wishing I had a fashion friend, going aww ehhh and wow to everything I see haha ) Rebecca Minkoff R-T-W Spring 2011 was first I heard she has a new shoe line . I check that out very nice I have to say. I felt like it was city chic,vintage 70 inspiring, versatile farbic, bohemian glam, fine chain handbags, the romantic dress ( I’m really loving the dresses so down to earth and ladylike)and beautiful shoes. Everything just look soo nice. So relax not to overbroad that’s what I love about her R-T-W.


  1. i love this collection in presentation form. a crowd of perfectly styled like-minded women. love it. also rumi looks gorgeous!


  2. I want everything in these pics. I wish I had a fashion friend too sometimes, when I get all geeked out about clothes :P

  3. it was all that how you mentioned it was everything i like!
    and yes ill email you , for now think of what you would love to wear for the entire week
    ill email you later!
    i think im gonna go for my cutoff shorts,i love them!

  4. I love all those outfits
    and Rumi looks amazing
    nice blog by the way