Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Hair sorry about the picture.

Hello everyone! I'm so glad everyone like the collages I did in the other post and the interview. I got my hair done yesterday. So happy I did because Detroit Fashion Week  is coming up yes! My sister isn't coming with me (sad face) but that alright I'm going with some friends. Ok the weather two days ago was very warm and I hated it. Yesterday's weather was great. Nice breeze.  Ok I have to go I'm very sleepy!


  1. hahhah i thought it was a video and i clicked on it hahha im dumb hahah
    anywyas girl you look gorgeous
    love the new hairstyle
    and im so excited for you about the fashion week thing!

  2. chic cut! i've been wanting to try a similar length

  3. I like your hair cut
    you look great


  4. Looking out for the Fashion Show Post and more collages