Thursday, October 21, 2010

love the cold

Hey everyone how are you?!? I'm doing good. Just a few minute ago I was changing purses I been carrying this brown Target bagfor a few week now and I decided to carry my vinatge Coach Willis Bag. Then I thought to myself how about I'll do purse collage ( wow random i know) So here it is.
( Coach Willis Bag, Coach City Bag,Forever 21 Matryoshka Shoulder Bag, Modcloth Too Legit To Quilt Bag, Forever 21 Jeweled Clutch, ASOS Peter Pilotto for Kipling Galaxy Print bag, Betsey Johnson Sequin Crossbody,TopShop Pushlock Faux Croc Satchell , Pendleton Messenger bag)

I need a new Coach "Willis" bag the other is old but I still love it! "City Bag"is  a classic and so is the color!I'm a huge fan of Coach the leather is soo good.... yes  I know it's very trendy name but I just love it! I also I like ASOS bag is so FUCKING awesome! Pendleton bags are soo wonderful I saw this one on Urban Outfitters and loved. I love the Bohemian/WoodStock/ Native American print! I went to Forever 21 to check out what's new and I saw that Matryoshka! So adorable! Alot of these purses are small I never thought I would be able to carry a small purse. I do I have a couple just right bag not too small that I cant fit anything in it.
Alright that enough about bags haha I can talk for days about bags but now I have to stop.This past week: I turning a old denim dress into a vest it wonderful man I did the hem like hand because my machine is broken, Falling madly in love with Jeffery Campbell Tube 2 I like the black ones the most need them ( I need to start saving money or find more work), Working on my winter coat pick,Watching scary movies with my sisters I watch Dolls (1987) the other day wow it was so creepy and weird!, and eating too much candy!


  1. your amazing. omg i want all of this.
    i got the little backpack at the thift store for 4 bucks, can you imagine, i just need to wash it in the inside but thats no biggie
    hopefully you can get the bag that you want

  2. These are all so beautiful! I love little bags with clasps, The first one is amazing! Ook, and thanks so much for the comment! We're finally at 500 (and counting) followers, a new post and a giveaway next post :) Panda xo

  3. Loving the Willis and faux croc bags!

  4. loooving these bags.. hmm, whats my fave? probably a tie between the little round lady bag and hte sparkly betsey johnson one, freakin amazing ;)

  5. AHHH THESE ARE MY NEWEST OBSESSION. Actually, not that new. I've accumulated a ton of these bags in the past year or so. THEY'RE HANDY DANDY.

    I love that spacial one. Obviously I want it. NOWWW.

  6. i love that willis bag. it's beautiful! i want one.

  7. loving this list! lusting after that topshop bag!

    xx raez

  8. We want them all!

    xx Black Adder Fashion
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