Friday, February 25, 2011

Interview with Lexy

Back in November I got to interview a great, talent, colorful and  funny girl ever! Her name is Lexy and her blog is called Quirky Explosion

Me: How are you?
Lexy: I’m fairly fantastic and yourself?

Me: Good. When did you start your blog? And why?
Lexy: I started my blog at the start of summer 2009. Because I didn’t enough real friends so I decided to creep the internet and now I have lots of friends! No, I’m kidding. That was a joke. I started it because I’d been following blogs for a while and I thought to myself “Well hey! That could be fun! I could do this!” And at last summer came, my school uniform left,and I had lots of DIY time and outfits to share. 

Me: Oh, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
Lexy: About myself haha. I always find this so awkward! Hi there my name is Lexy.  I’m 16 I live in a small town. It sucks. I love fashion, art, culture, traveling, people watching, biking, daydreaming, Reeses Pieces and LIFE. 

Me: I really love your style so cute and different! When did you start getting your own style and putting your own looks together?
Lexy: As a baby my Mom used to always dress me up in heinous hats and all black. As soon as I could dress myself, I definitely did. I still wear heinous hats 

Me: Interesting because your style is very unique and sort like ( to me) a part of art! I love the way you put together your outfits. The colors, patterns, and etc so awesome. Oh I see your still in high school so do you dressed differently from everyone? May I ask what grade your in?
Lexy: Haha. Aw, thanks! Yes, I’m senior (grade 12). And yes I definitely dress differently. Actually, I have to wear a school uniform. But on dress down days I definitely stand out. At first I found it really awkward and I would sometime revise what I wanted to wear. Now, I’m over it and I find the whole conforming thing rather humorous. I sometime want to stand on the building and shout to my peers DARE TO BE DIFFERENT! ( I have yet to do that!)

Me: You should out that on a shirt! What or Who inspiring your style? 
Lexy: I’m inspired by the world. I can’t really pin point a specific person or thing that I base my style around. I kind of just like having a style that reflects my mood or energy or my personality. Can you tell that my mind is very scattered? I’m inspired by any and everything. It’s a little ridiculous. ( But mostly awesome)

Me: Where do you like to shop at?
Lexy: My primary shopping place can summed up in two words: Value Village. It’s beautiful. In addition to this clothes heaven. I shop at Salvation Army, other thrift stores, other vintage store and yeah. Basically 90% of my outfits are usually thrifted. The other 10% often (but not always) comes from tight from H&M 

Me: This is your last year high school have you thought about a career in fashion?
Lexy: Ahhh! And it terms of thinking about my future. Well it’s very surreal to say the least I don’t really want to say more. I’m a complete dork and scared of internet jinxing but I definitely want to pursue my “passion for fashion” ( sorry for sounding so “mysterious” I’m just an alluring person. Kidding. I’m kidding. I’m not…)

Me: What type  of music do you listen to?
Lexy:I was actually thinking about this the other day. I can’t really describe what music I listen to. I am, however NOT one of those people that can say “listen to anything” I listen to a lot of things but there’s a lot that I DON’T listen to. Ex: Kesha make me want to pull my hair. Haha. But I sometime post my play lists so that probably be the best reflection of my favorites!

Me: I agree with you. Who are you favorite Fashion Designers?
Lexy: Alexander McQueen is/was my favorite designer I don’t even like the term “designer” when describing him-he was definitely more than just that. He was an artist. One of the reason why I love fashion so much other favorites include Rodarte, Proenza Schouler, Hussein Chalayan, Preen, Balenciaga, and soo many more!

Me: McQueen was a artist! You read blogs right? What are your favorite blogs and fashion magazines?
Lexy: Of course I read blogs! =) I I stop by all my commeters blog so SHOUT OUT TO AWESOME COMMENTERS. The blogging world is so diverse, it’s amazing and super hard to name favorite. Currently, I’m loving Jess Loves Fred, Fashion Pirates and Style Bubble amongst a couple billion more.
NYLON is my all time FAVORITE magazine! I (not so) secretly want to Be that magazine I’m almost being serious. It epitomizes everything  that is cool/amazing/fantastical. I love it.

Me: What is one thing you can’t live without?
Lexy: Ah ONLY ONE THING! Family for sure

Me: Winter is here and I was wondering what were your must-have list for winter?
Lexy: One word: TIGHTS! Colorful, bright, patterned, textured… all of them! I have a huge obsession with tights and winter is the perfect time to make use of obsession.

Me: (laughing) What are some of your favorite Spring 2011 Collection? And 5 favorite movies?
Lexy: I'm going to pass the Spring 2011 question just because I haven't got a clue! But I will say that I, like the rest of the fashion world, breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw the collection for Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 werkin' it beautifully.

Favorite Movies: Little Miss Sunshine, The Breakfast Club, Mean Girls, The Wackness,ummm,ummm,*long pause* So many more but my mind is failing to think of them.

Me: Do you have any advice for any young people out there that are trying to found their own style?
Lexy: I dont know if you ever fully and your style -I think that style should always be evolving. After all, it's just about experimenting and having fun! Which is also my advice- just experiment and have fun wearing things that make you feel unique confident and comfortable is ALWAYS! ( As cheesy as that one sounds!)