Saturday, April 2, 2011

Funky Blouse

wear thrift blouse and shoes ,dkny vest, target jeans and forever21 sunnies
I got this blouse last weekend with the polka dot blazer. Along with the shoes too. I try a different Thrift Store last weekend. I had to wait in line because they were having a big sale and everyone went crazy! I was the only younger people there haha I felt so out of place haha. But that where I got the shoes. They are great it look like they have ever been worn. Their perfect, very comfortable and I just love the color. I didn't know have like a jeans thing going on here hahaha wow. This blouse is soo crazy I thought at first I can't pull it off but with some help from my sister Tiffany now I can. I feel wonderful, man. I'm going to call myself the jean girl I wear jeans soo much! I never get sick of jeans...wait two days ago I did and wore a skirt but other days I don't!
 I have you all seen my "12 before the year is over" post. It's things I want to do before the year is over. I'm going to try to do them all this year and share on my blog. I feel like my blog is getting boring so I'm trying to spice it up! (lol) I'm thinking of  doing a guest blog...(???) yeah picking a few blogger to guest blog on my blog.


  1. Great sandals, a lucky find again, it was worth the queueing with the old ladies! :)

    Good luck with your 12 goals!

  2. omg you totally score, i love thrifty shoppin!!! too
    i can go trifty all day and those shoes are so good they look aamzing with the outfit
    love love the pattern of the shirt
    you look fantastic!