Thursday, November 17, 2011

Awesome blazer

I forgot all about this blazer... I feel kinda bad because it's amazing blazer. I was trying to found a jacket or blazer to go with the outfit I'm wearing now  and the polka dot blazer was hidden behind my caramel coat (this coat is pretty huge) and so I took it and put it on. (laughing) I love the simple look it give . Right now my room is a mess there is magazine and clothes everywhere. What the hell?! The other day my Ma was telling me about this kindle 
( it sorta like an Ipad or tablet )saying how it would be prefect for me and everything it would be I guess. Maybe a Chirstmas gift?I'm not really promising myself anything. Oh yeah really I redid my tumblr layout


  1. that blazer is sooo cute!!!! :)

  2. holy shit, i llove this blazer so jealous
    this is my kind of outfit!!
    sooo good

  3. What a great blazer! I love polka dots at the moment.

  4. OH dude that blazer is so awesome!! You look so classic & cool, great look!