Thursday, December 15, 2011

love this jacket and a chirstmas list

Yep that my sexy face haha! The other day I realize Chirstmas is just around the corner (What?!) and I don't know what I want for Xmas! Last night I up around 11pm looking at things I want for Xmas but I forget to make it into a collage so I'm going to do links... damn I'm sorry. Ok here we going here are these boots ( they are the best I want them) sweater   ( like this sweater alot but it's alittle too much..) and these boots. It's a short list because I don't know what I want Xmas it mostly a wish I guess because I WANT a Kindle Fire but those boots are calling my name haha.


  1. I love this jacket too! the colours are amazing!
    What a cute tshirt

  2. I loveeee the boots you're wearing in the photos.
    I like the boots you want for christmas though too. I have a pair that look JUST exactly like that, but they're blowfish. They're the most comfortable things I've got. I love them :)
    I hope you get all the things you wanted for christmas :)

  3. hahha sexy face, your funny
    i always loved this jacket, omg i want boots too
    hopefully i get it too

  4. Great outfit, I love your boots! xx

  5. i like the pattern of the sweater and the boots have that nice worn in look that i love.

    thank you for stopping by the blog. come back anytime.

    Vi from Cali

  6. Loooove that jacket! You have the best taste in boots :)