Wednesday, February 22, 2012


A front view of the Doctor office, heading to Downtown Detroit, a drink my cousin order ( damn I forgot the name), I die a little in Journeys I want these badly, new sweater I love it ( singing those words), and I just love this outfit! I wish I can wear it more it getting colder.
I have to say my sister Tiffany took the picture of Down Detroit... have alot pictures from that day too

Sorry about the random pictures I've been so lazy these past weeks... I'm not going to lie I've been spending too much time on youtube watching beauty/fashion video. haha London Fashion Week was started last weekend... Damn it can't rememeber shit...sorry I'm thinking while typing. I'm saving pictures like right now and I can't remember when London Fashion Week started.  


  1. LOL I love those boots too! I really love that yellow top, so cute! I love going downtown, one of my favorite things to do :)

  2. so jealous of those boots, yeah lately ive been so blah aboout blogging i was thinking on quitting bloggin

  3. That drink looks delicious and I love your hot pink jacket!!

    xo Gillie

  4. Great photos, love the outfit in the last pic!

  5. amazing pictures! i love docs. you can wear so many things with them! great choice, dear :)
    lovely blog!