Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Picture from the begin of this month and now

Saw this picture in an old Nylon magazine and I still think those shorts are awesome. I would wear them
Got an Bareny's Catalog in the mail ( weird I've never shopping at Bareny's haah) and just love this jacket. I think I need to go back to the thrift store...
Magazine Shopping at my nearest CVS
Some of my Spring/Summer clothes
A dress I got from Forever 21 last weekend I'm hoping to get the black...
New sweater and old blue shirt 
Bad everything but look at the skirt.. it's cute huh?

Hello, How you been? I'm been ok  you know if you care. i've been buying nail polish like its going out of style, forgetting to redo my braids their looking kinda bad, (gah, laughing), being lazy with blogging, trying to figure out if I want to buy an 28 dollar blush I try out at  Macy's, loving the Queen Collection (too much), getting mad at the world, putting away winter clothes, hanging with my cousins, working out more (yay for me), watching youtube videos,getting around to doing my inspiration spring/summer part 2 ( pssh it's below), job interview Monday and other stuff haha    


  1. aww really enjoyed looking at all your pics throughout this past month!! love that blue hi low dress on you!! super cute!

  2. I totally love that jacket you found at Barneys too. Sooo dang cute.

  3. You look so cute in your Spring clothes! I have not been to F21 in forever. I have also been buying nail polish like crazy! You should do some nail posts :)

  4. yeah the skirt is so cool, i really like your new outfits
    man, ive been missing alot,

  5. Thanks so much, I really like the red dress on you!