Thursday, May 10, 2012

I got these shorts from the thrift store( this what I do every summer) but this were pants first. I think they are little short I went crazy with the scissor usually my shorts are alittle longer than that. But mind my short out of shape legs ( laughing) I've been "trying" to get in shape alittle more... yeah I'm lazy and I've been busy with life. Sorry Why I am talking getting shape haha.


  1. your so funny =). thats good that you wanna be in shape though
    just drink lots of waters and start eating healthy and exercize everyday
    doestn have to be hardcore just keep yourself active, but if your serious about it do it hardcore and you will loose lots of weight.
    ill keep you motivated if you want. just shoot me an email, when you have time

  2. I love them! I need to cut up some of my pants into shorts too. I like that pink jacket with them, so cute!