Wednesday, October 17, 2012

For winter

I love coats and I want to update my collection because you can not  have too many coat when you live Michigan ( or any other places that are cold) Right now I'm loving/wanting  Asos Leopard Fur Coat, Asos oversized hooded parka, AE Hooded Military Parka, Forever 21 Spiked Moto Jacket
 Next I'm looking a pair of leather pants and I want these Asos ones ( their perfect right?)  but I might go for the Forever 21 ones more affordable (laughing)


  1. I'm searching for the perfect coat too! I LOVE the camo one Ashley is wearing in the last post :)

    <3 Josephine

  2. I hate being so broke at the moment because I totally want a coat too! lol, you are so right, cannot have too many while living here.

    I think you have some excellent choices here, something a little rockerish is perfect for you!

    Thanks for all of your kind comments on my weddding post :)

  3. love all these looks. miley cyrus has such great style.

    cute blog girl<3