Friday, March 1, 2013

The Stuff I Want Now.. Please!

Hey there!All I've been thinking about is spring shopping. (I'm so over winter.) I've been window shopping over at Asos, Forever 21 Urban Outfitters and etc. I wanted to share the stuff I want in my life. I'm going to put link to the stuff I like so you see what I'm talking aboutThe stripe shirt above is from Asos so is the skirt. Now I have to say this skirt is a dream. I want this skirt so badly I love the split in back oh man! The sunglasses are from Free People. I've been seeing sunglasses like these everywhere I always wanted a pair. I remember seeing Kristen Stewart wearing pair like these. These are some great ones. I love this  dress from Forever 21 it's so cute...

To Be Continued 
I'll talk to you later about to go watch Ripper Street  


  1. That striped one! WANT! I am getting more and more into button-ups! Great choices here :)

  2. I want those sunnies too !