Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just A Random Talk

Hello there. Sorry no outfit post today. I just wanted to talk a little if thats ok with you. I don't want to bored you. So over weekend I clean out my closet and it was very.... bad. I don't really remember owning so much stuff. (Old magazines, clothes, shoes? i didnt know I had, and handbags.) At first I was just going to put away my winter clothes because spring is here but then I decided why not clean out my closet   As you tell by that picture last p ( it was more worst) shit went down. My room is still a mess but right now I'm in a mood to redo my room. I'm happy to finally see to my summer clothes haha. Speaking of summer the nail polish I got over the weekend are so spring/summer. I miss summer. ( If you want know the name of nail polish...Revlon Eclectic and L'oreal Orange You Jealous?)

Talk you later 

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  1. Cute nail colours, It feels so good to Spring clean and rediscover things in the back of your closet!
    Laura. xx

  2. YES! I love those colors! Great job tackling your closet! I need to do some Spring Cleaning myself. I need your motivation!

  3. love that first color!