Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Favorite!

 photo nyc3.jpg
 photo nyc2.jpg
 photo nyc4.jpg
Pictures by Paulo Tonn 

I have never did Friday Favorite before and I'm going to try it out. And the pictures are by Paulo Tonn I found them on tumblr and they just make me want to pack a bag and go to New York.

Ok. So I know I may be late but did you hear about Phillip Lim for Target? I'm really excited for it. 
Michelle Williams in the Louis Vuitton ad. She is so pretty and elegant.
Toni Morrison books are the talk in my house and I would love to read all of her books 
Drew Barrymore 1993 Guess ad. Pretty hot!
Look at these Fried Pie they look so good! I want to try them.
Elise Gravel's work is so good I just love it!
I have a thing for stirpes and minimal and this post is inspiring

I hope you enjoy your weekend and I'll talk to you later bye! 


  1. Oh I think I am going to love Friday posts! I really love the idea of New York City, it looks amazing and I want to go so bad!

  2. I've never been to New York, I would love to go!
    Laura. xx

  3. everybody loves new york :)


  4. Loooovely photos!