Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Favorites

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( Elle UK October 2013)

I'm so happy that Friday is here! This whole week has been very stressful and I've been coughing I'm coming down with something. ( NOO!!) oh my I hope your week was better than mine... Now for the weekend!
But here is my favorites...

I've been loving plaid lately I would love to have these Forever21 legging
I'm reading this article about on Refinery 29 fruit how its easier to eat your fruit not drink it... what
The best Halloween Nail Art I've ever seen  
I love looking at people movie list to find the best horror movies. I found this Halloween Netflix movie Review.
 I'm thinking about getting this book I read alittle bit of it and now I want it!
One day I would like to splurge on a nice wallet and I would like it to be this Coach wallet that look like it fits everything...or this one
 I don't own alot of jewelry and  just couple of rings and necklaces ( that I'm surprise I still have) but I'm liking this bracalet very simple for a nice price. 
This bag you can fit baby or your entire life.  

I hope you have a great weekend!

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