Friday, December 27, 2013


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 2013... I can't belive it's almost over. It just flew by. Let see what went down in life in 2013. I lost my older cousin who I didn't see in awhile. I went to see Lianna La Havas in concerts itwas awesome. She was so good. My Aunt and Uncle came to visit us and to see Whitney my younger sister gradation. I wore a sheer shirt. It's been a dream of mine to do. (laughing) No Lie. Everytime We head to Downtown Detroit. I always fell in love with it. We try a Mexican restaurant called Loco's TexMex it was so good. I want to go back next year. Listening to my sister Tiffany talk about Ryan Gosling and the movie he did in Detroit. ( She was an extra in his movie) 2013 was good but I want 2014 to better. I want to try to do different things and blog more. I want to try to go a little vacation with my family. I hope to enjoy life more too. 

I decided that I want to do the 52 project I know alot people who have kids do them but I want to do them  because I want to remember that moment in my life. So every Friday when I do my Favorites I'll post a picture or two.   

So are you ready for 2014?

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