Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Now & Then

 photo now.png 
Now: Iris Ebla and Jason Momoa Then: Chad Micheal Murray 
Now: Game of Thrones, Hannbil, House of Cards Then: Alot of The O.C
Now:R&B,Hip Hop,Soul and alittle bit of Folk music  Then: Rock, Pop
Now: Alot black, striped shirt, booties, plaid, Converses, vintage Coach bag Then: Clothed that didn't really suit me or my body.
Now: Braids mostly Then: Sew-in, Relaxed Hair. 
Life Plan 
Now: I don't really know right now. I'm pretty much working hard trying to save money so I can do awesome things.  I still do want to work in fashion but not with design. Then: Become a fashion designer and move to New York

P.S.  I really hope you enjoy it. My bed is arrived today I brought it yesterday and thought I was getting it the same day but no.So I have to get everything ready

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