Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fall Wishlist

  photo fallwishlst-1.png
I was trying to figure out if I made one last year... I didn't. I've been loving a lot of things lately. I've been wanting a pair of checker Vans since middle school. I think I might get a pair for a very late birthday gift. That Asos sweater is a dream for Fall. I'm n market for new jeans. I'm hearing some good thing about Asos jeans so why not... but for close to 60 bucks I'm still sitting on it. The wannabe The Row from Forever 21... YES PLEASE. I'm not really a backpack person hahaha. I always try to stay away from Zara and their bags but that Zipped Bucket Bag is so perfect. (....sigh... Why did I go on Zara?).

Talk to you later. 

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