Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Went To The DIA For My Sister's Birthday

 photo vscodet2.jpg
 photo vscodet.jpg
  photo vscodet7.jpg
On Saturday was my younger sister birthday she turn 19. She had this whole Saturday plan out. We went out for breakfast, then the DIA and a movie. ( we went see No Good Deed which was actually good. )  We haven't been to the DIA in a while. I went alot crazy with taking pictures. So much inspiration  in every room. 
 photo vscodet4.jpg
 photo vscodet3.jpg
  photo vscodet5.jpg
Here are some of favorite. 
It was great day. Still can't believe my baby sister is 19 year old... sigh haha. 
I hope you has a great day. I hope to have more days like these.  

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  1. I love that outdoor sculpture. It's so powerful! Great pictures & happy birthday to your sister!