Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Autumn Look

 photo vscocamfall.jpg
Hello! I finally got around to taking some pictures. My lovely sister took these pictures in the rain for. I'm wearing the trench coat I got from the Thrift Store awhle back (I've been talking about trench coat for about 2 weeka so I had to break mine out I kind of want something alittle more Casablanca haha), a long sleeve striped shirt from the Thrift Store ( love this shirt.), black pants from Dots and my new bag from Target. It's the small bag that I've been looking for. Yesterday and Monday I watch a few new shows. Monday was Gotham and yesterday was Flash. My sisters and I watch the very first episode so I don't know what to think just yet. 
I'll talk to you later. I have to go work. 
 photo vscocamfall2.jpg

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  1. LOVE LOVE this look! I haven't worn my coat like that on the blog yet, I should do that! I love the stripes, I need more in my life. I almost bought that purse! I ended up with a small red one instead. How is Gotham? I forgot about that show. I am really into Sleepy Hollow though, it is awesome.