Friday, December 3, 2010


(I love the picture I pick out wow but great denim jacket)
I'm thinking about opening a store selling vintage (thrift store) outerwear.... 
I been thinking about doing this for  awhile but I didn't know where to start or anything(and secretly i was kinda scared and I'm still scared haha). My sister Tiffany has a nice website  where she sell her art work,  handmade scarf, and T-shirt with prints that she design. I been going over this in my head like "who would shop there", "will people shop there" or "I hope I don't mess up". They all go though my head. I just have to have faith, i guess.
I ever say "THANK YOU" to the people who take the time out of their and read my very boring blog (laughing) Thanks you soo much really I mean it Thanks. You are all so rad,sweet, awesome and cool. My
blog isn't like the other people. But I'll try to blog more and more. I go up north alot ( well not all the way up there like I did when I was in high school) and I'll have my sister take pictures because it's awesome up there in the winter I love Michigan winter so freaking awesome.

Hey are you all getting ready for Chirstmas because I am haha


  1. lol that was cute! I think you should go for it, you never know until you try. I happen to like your blog and I cannot wait to see pics of you and Tiffany up-north!

  2. you should !! open your own store!

  3. You should definitely open your own store!