Thursday, December 2, 2010

Too many Jeffery Campbell

Jeffery Campbell Tasseled Loafer Wedge 

Jeffery Campbell 99 Lace Up Wedge 

Jeffery Campbell Bjork wedge 

Jeffery Campbell Bondi Wedge 

Oh yeah alot of JC wedges I know... The other day, I wanted to show my Ma the shoes I wanted for Christmas. But there were so many. Didn't know which one to pick. I had my mind set on the Bondi wedge because the wooden wedge and leather straps. Then I saw the Tasseled Loafer wedge wow it sort remind of the Alexander Wang Tish Loafer Wedge thats now on sale at Opening Ceremony and 99 lace all I really like the simpleness to wedge not alot going on so great! Then I saw the Bjork wedge in and like it but then saw the brown and now I dont know (ah!) 
 This is going to be HARD, I guess

1 comment:

  1. i love them all and theres much more no?
    is this from the new campaing?
    hopefully you get the ones you want for christmas!