Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hey This is going to be a long one

Hey it's been a while... I just got a Pinterest and now I'm addicted haaa. I saw this these pictures on there and went searching for this line. It's a Australian line called Gorman I just fall in love it. ( what not to love ?!!) 
 I saw this on Fat Mum Slim and I think I'm going to do because I like taking  pictures of other things not just of my outfit ( I''ll get back to posting my outfit. I've been so lazy and it feel like below 0 out there haha ok I'll get back to it.) and I've thinking of other things to do on my blog... I miss doing "7 things" and "Dreaming Of" I'm getting back to that I'll do post in morning more =] 
I hope everyone have great week!


  1. oh the collection is awesome and the photo chanllenge is awesome yeah do it

  2. Oh this is so cool! I love those outfits, especially the sweaters, totally something we are both into!