Monday, February 6, 2012

Alittle bit Sun

Hey there, how are you doing? Yesterday was a very beautiful day ( Today is too) I decided when I woke up I was gojng to try to take some pictures in my room. The one up top was the first... no make up, glasses or sunglasses just my morning face, haha.I love the yellow collar blouse with my pink blazer  I was cleaning up and just took this picture. Hey are couple of link of things I like/would like to do... hello kitty sweatshirt I think I'm having puppy fever or something folk rings? very cute d.i.y charm bracelet  cool pants


  1. You look so pretty with morning face! No fair!

  2. i want a pink blzer too this one looks cool

  3. You look beautiful, and that yellow top is to die for!

    xo Gillie