Friday, February 10, 2012

Good old jeans and sweater

This is like a uniform for me some people have their go-to dresses, or skirts I have my go-to jeans and sweater. I just love this sweater so nice and warm. I wear this sweater so much I've been lazy with my style lately. I'll just put on something very simple. NYFW is here and I wish I could go ( I always say this haha) but I should one day save up to go to NY.  Go to an conference, get the feel of New York air and met other bloggers mhmm that would be fun... I know know New York is too much but I want to try... but I don't want to go by myself.   


  1. true that,i have this very old sweater i wear all the time too but its really warm.
    hope you have a fun weekend and take some more photos

  2. I love the cardigan! I have been living in pretty much the same look all week. It's nice to be cozy sometimes :)

  3. I love that cardigan, it's a great piece to throw on with anything to be instantly cute!

    xo Gillie