Friday, February 17, 2012

Just hangbags and my blog turn 4 year old!

I've been talking about purse ever since I started this blog! ( laughing) My blog turn 4 year old oh my goodness I can't believe I've gone that far. haa  My very first post about handbags, here is this one, this one oh shit man I am so lame this one too and one from last year
Blogging has been fun for me and I want to continue to do. I've met some many amazing people ( I want to continue to met more people)  and I never show my outfit when I start this blog and I was so shy with that I don't know why.... maybe I was finding myself. Karla's Closet was the reason why I start this blog I was in my school library and just decided with not I want a blog. But I wasn't going to do a guide or a tip blog because I believe people have their style personal style.. as you can tell I don't follow those kinds of blogs.   I meet some really cool people in Michigan and like say before  I want to met more it's like a life goal for me...loser( hi Sara and thank you)  I'm going to do a  post on some of the bags I've been dreaming of since last year or beginning of this year. I am going to a attitude bag post like last year I'm getting that ready now so I can do a post on that next week  and R/W 2012/13 part 2 ready too... I miss doing this I hope I'm not boring you..thank you so much for reading my blog. 
 ( this my dream bag I want it now but cant offer it =[)

( i can't found the sort for this bag)
 More later time for bed! Check out my Spring 2012 Inspiration


  1. Happy blog Birthday!! I love the bags, I really am a fan of giant ones :)

  2. Congrats, four years that's amazing! These bags are so gorgeous

    xo Gillie

  3. happy blog birthday :) these bags are amazing i have the zara one :) xx