Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good morning! I'm getting ready for work but I wanted to talk about these boots. I would love to have them now. ( They look alittle like the Balenciaga booties right)  I found them tumblr ( of course) and found out their  Jeffery Campbell. I found other look a like H&M SS13 Collection  .
I would love to have both. haha

I'm going to try to take pictures this week but weather here Michigan sucks right now. Yesterday it was snowing what the hell. I'm over my winter wear  ( laughing)  I'll talk to you later


  1. Omg this weather is insane! UGH, um, yes I would like these too! They would look great in the summer as well as with some cool tights.

  2. omg the h&m version i like better , i want but i cant buy anymore shoes, like great brit now this are gonna be in my mind ahhaha