Monday, April 22, 2013

Mood Monday

I realize this until now... 2 Polka Dot things. Oh goodness. How's was your weekend? Mine was fine I just relax, clean up alittle, and watch Game of Thrones and Awkward.  I didn't  want the weekend to be over. So... Lets talk about this collage I made of the things I want in my life.  ( I think I may need a second job) But look at that Asos blouse its a fucking dream want you now. 

Talk to you later 

TLC Creep


  1. omg fell in love with this amazing wishlist, i really like the last bag!!
    really cool!
    Sergio, xx

  2. I love the sunnies and the dress! lol! I just bought a backpack too! :P

  3. Love the sandals!
    Laura. xx

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