Wednesday, April 24, 2013

risky bushiness

I finally got a black sheer blouse.  I'm happy. I have acouple of clothes I wanted to try it out with. Like this jacket I got almost 3 years ago ( are you kidding me?) I love it I don't wear it out much I think I said it before I'm afraid something might happen. I wore it to church once and everyone loved. Its like a conversation starter. I feel very 90 hip hop ( Slat n Pepa) I love it. All I need are some crazy shoes and more gold jewelry. haha 

Later Talk To Later 

2Pac Keep Ya Head Up


  1. Love this blouse, you look stunning! Such pretty photo's
    Laura. xx

  2. omg this outfit is so great, is so you, very 90s yes,
    my email is
    shoot me an email whenever you want to!!!

  3. I love it!!! That jacket is AWESOME! Great job pairing the modern-sheer blouse with that vintage jacket! Urban Outfitters has nothing on you!! :D