Friday, April 26, 2013

Vogue Mexico April 2013
Photograher Koray Brand
Fashion Editor/Stylist Sarah Gore Reeves
Hairstyle Ryan Taniguchi 
Makeup Artist Moani Lee

I've loving the all white trend that I have been see lately. These beautiful pictures are making me want to get a white suit or dress ( wooo like this dress from asos I need to stop haha) 

Talk to you later and I hope you have a great weekend 

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  1. Omg those pants are so cray-cray! I have always been afraid of wearing all white because I am a giant klutz and I fear I would spill something all over them. I have been pining for a white dress though..

  2. Great pictures!
    Laura. xx

  3. Great photo's! I nominated you for the Versatile blogger Award,
    you may find more about it here:

    Laura. xx

  4. I like the white trend too. I'm searching for a nice white blazer.

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