Monday, May 6, 2013

Mood Monday: Swim Suits

Summer is amost here and I'm fucking happy right now. While cleaning out my closet I throw away some of my old swimsuits and now it's time to get ones haha. I'm looking for one that  would hold my boobs together hahaha yeah me got some big boobs thighs and hips ( some jelly parts haha) but i love them. So I've been looking everywhere like this site call Swim Suit For All ( pretty pricey I really like this swim suit )  of course  Forever 21+ and Asos Curve. ( this one from Forever 21 is so cute and  reasonable lol)

Caria Body Party 

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  1. Oh excellent choices! I need another swim suit too. I need one to cover my butt, it falls out of the regular ones, lol.

  2. You read my mind Woods! I'm just starting to think about swimsuits. I love that youve chosen designs that look amazing while covering all the right places!
    Laura. xx

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