Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chanel Boy Bag

 photo chanelboy4.jpg
 photo la-modella-mafia-model-street-style-at-Spring-2013-fashion-week-Chanel-Boy-bag-photographed-by-Tommy-Ton-via-style-2.jpg
Alright I have another one for you... I LOVE the Chanel Boy Bag alot. ( too much actually  ) Every time I see it my heart sing and every time I see the price my mouth drop to the floor. So I decided to forget about it and just look at it because it's so beautiful (ugh!!!) But, one day I came across a like a look of the bag. It's from Dailylook oh my I need it. I will carry it almost everyday.  (because I don't want to mess it up)  Just go look at it.haha

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