Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Collage

Untitled #186

Untitled #186 by woodybb featuring Tom Ford
Goodmorning! Can I just say this outfit has Spring Sunday Brunch written all over it. haha. The other day I was thinking  while listening to some music that I don't talk about much on my blog. Somedays I just sit in front of my computer just blank. My mind blank. These few weeks have been very hard, frustrating and very uninspiring. I'm trying my hardest to get inspired by whatever but it kind hard because of the weather. It's been very hard to get around for me. I haven't done a outfit post since mid-January... so yeah. But my outfits have been the same too. This very cold weather ( and the damn snow!) is bringing me down. 
I have to eat and drink my breakfast and head to work. Talk later  

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  1. Love the YSL makeup!
    Laura. xx